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Setup instruction
Installation package download

If you're going to update or reinstall, please see at the bottom

Great tool to connect your original Commodore drive (IEC serial port equipped, eg:1540/1 - 1541 II- 1570/1- 1581) to your PC/Laptop by USB port.

Until now, the combinations of software and interfaces, allowed an easy connection only with obsolete PCs with parallel port and Windows XP.

The previous software package was used with the XUM1541, allowed the installation on PC/Laptops equipped with USB, but with XP operating system only, or with Windows 7 applying some time consuming tricks.

NOW, there is new a software package to get the XUM 1541 working (via USB port) with modern operating systems:

- Windows 7 (32/64bit)
- Windows 8/8.1 (32/64 bit)
- Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

Finally, on your modern PC, you can DUMP your original disks or rewrite your discs with downloaded images from internet. You can manage individual files, images in D64 format, format disks, archive,and so on.
A MUST HAVE for any Commodore fan.

NOTE: even though the package has been tested on over 20 PC/Laptops, with different combinations of hardware and software, other software and/or hardware/software untested combination, cannot give successful installation.

CBMXfer is also automatically installed, with custom settings for first use.

To use the great CBMXfer (is not user friendly at first glance), please refer to the documentation of the program (included in the installation package).

So, for the above reasons, I do not provide assistance.

If you're going to update or reinstall...
Before going on, please read notes below.

1) Delete CMBXfer shortcut on desktop.
2) Follow the procedure described in "Setup instruction" file.
3) When you will be asked to overwrite files, always press "y" (YES) key.
4) When at step 7b (Zadig setup) and XUM1541is not listed, mark "List All Devices" in Option Menu e then "XUM1541 interface " should be listed and you can select it again.

Everything else is unchanged. Enjoy!